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Shirley Ho is an American astrophysicist and machine learning expert, currently at the Center for Computational Astrophysics at Flatiron Institute in NYC and at New York University, with a visiting appointment at Princeton University.  

A cited expert in cosmology, machine learning applications in science, and data science, her interests include developing and deploying deep learning techniques to better understand our Universe and other physical phenomena.  


Shirley Ho has led the first application of deep 3D convolutional neural networks in astrophysics and has since pushed forward the adoption of modern deep learning methods in the astrophysics community. More recently, Shirley Ho has concentrated her effort on accelerating simulations with artificial intelligence, creating foundational models for science, and developing novel techniques in interpretable machine learning. 

Latest Publications

The Stars, the Universe and everything else in between

Check out our latest publication from my group here

Accelerating the Simulation of our Universe with Artificial Intelligence 


I am lucky to have had amazing students, postdocs, and collaborators throughout my career. I don't know where I would be if I have not met them. Literally.


Shirley Ho

For students/postdocs who are interested to intern/research with me, please email me at 

For students who likes to work with me towards a PhD, please consider applying at NYU or Princeton Department of Astrophysical Sciences

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